Many Gift Items...

Then, there are the gifts. Translucent English china mugs and tea pots cast color and beauty on the shelves, little bracelets you won't be able to resist, and just plain fun things. Plan to spend some time just looking around, you'll love it. You can find that perfect gift for your best friend.


Our "Chocolate" tee shirt is Made in America. I've had mine for over a year now and it washes beautifully, never lost a stone. It is the most comfortable shirt I own, and that's the truth! 100% cotton, sizes are generous and do not shrink. $40.00

Meet my "Little Book Worm". As imaginative as a book worm can be, he will encourage young readers and remind you what fun a book can be. Made of paper mache and other stuff. $20 plus shipping.

We've been selling this "Bling Bling" for about four years now and the selection is always great. Just tell us what color tones you like (green, pink, purple, or silver. I like the silver best. $15 each.

Also come see the Eye Candy Gallery, A collection of my own paintings.